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Placing My Order

  • Can I mix different media types in the same order?

    Not at this time. We can only transfer one media type per DVD. For example, slides and videotapes cannot be transferred to the same DVD. If you have more than one media type, place each order separate...

  • Can I mix different media formats of the same type?

    Yes, different videotape formats (i.e. VHS, miniDV) may be combined in the same videotape-to-DVD order. Different movie reel formats (i.e. 8mm, Super 8) may also be combined in the same film-to-DVD o...

  • What is the service time?

    The transfer service takes about 3 weeks from the day orders are received. During the Christmas season and other holidays, we typically experience heavier order volume, which can result in longer ser...

  • Where can I place my order?

    Your orders can be placed at any Sam’s Club Photo Center in the USA! Use the Sam’s Club Store Locator to find the locations closest to you. Once your order is completed then it is returned for pick-up...

  • Can I place an order over the phone?

    Not at this time. Orders can be placed at any Sam's Club Photo Center in the USA.

  • Will my original materials be returned?

    Absolutely! The media and reels or containers will be returned with your completed order. Note: Movie film will be cleaned and spliced onto new 400 ft., 7-inch plastic reels supplied by Sam's Club. Y...
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